Encrypted Mac Hard Drive Recovery

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Overview of Encrypted Mac Hard Drive Recovery in Details

Searching for a reliable solution about how to recover deleted, lost, inaccessible files from a password-protected external hard drive on Mac. If Yes, then check the below VikMajra article to know a detailed solution for data recovery from an encrypted hard drive. In order to complete the recovery process, first, buy and install the Mac data recovery software and connect your encrypted drive with the Mac, and finally, follow the on-screen instructions properly.

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Is Mac Data Recovery Possible from a Password Protected or Encrypted Hard Drive?

Hi, I have deleted 500GB of data from the external hard drive on my 2014 model MacBook Pro, due to internal MacBook apps corruption problems. After that, I buy a new docking station and successfully able to show the external drive icon on the new MacBook Pro.

However, my misfortune is now I am unable to access the files stored on the external drive since it gets encrypted with a password. I tried specific other hacks like booting it from the Startup disk, but none of them works. What is the solution to this problem and how to restore data back on Mac?

Is lost/Inaccessible files recovery possible from an encrypted drive on Mac?

“Source- qnap forum

Such types of data inaccessibility problems can happen with anyone and at any point of time. So, if you are also one of the users who is facing the data loss problem on a password-protected drive, then the below article will prove beneficial for you in the Recovery of Deleted Files using Mac Data Recovery Software.

Overview of Encrypted or Password Protected Mac Hard Drive Data Loss Problem

Encryption on a Mac computer is one of the most useful techniques to password protect a local drive, external drive, or just a partition/volume of the critical Mac files. It is one of the unique and most significant data security features that is missing on any other operating system, like Windows, Linux, etc.

Apple provides the encryption mechanism with an inbuilt utility, i.e. FileVault. Once a Mac hard drive gets encrypted with File Vault, it can’t be accessed by any other person without providing a valid encryption key. However, to encrypt the Macintosh hard drive, you should have File Vault enabled first.

Steps to Enable File Vault on Mac

To enable the File vault on macOS, please follow the below steps correctly:-

1st Step: Login on your Mac with the administrator account

2nd Step: Now, go to the Apple Menu->System preference

3rd Step: Here, you need to click on the “Security and Privacy” tab

4th Step: In the 4th step, simply select the “File Vault” tab and click on the padlock from the bottom screen

5th Step: Enter appropriate administrator credentials when asked to do so

6th Step: Finally, click on the “Turn on File Vault” option button to complete this process

Important Note before: Once a file/folder becomes inaccessible from the password-protected drive of Mac, then please stop using it immediately. It will make sure that no new data or files will be overwritten to the password-protected MAC drive, and the final data recovery becomes easier using the help of a professional Mac hard drive recovery software.

Encrypted Mac Drive Data Loss Reasons

Below are some of the primary reasons, which become the main culprit of data loss/inaccessibility from a password-protected Macintosh hard drive.

  • Mac Encrypted Hard Drive Data Loss due to Malware or Virus Attack
  • Mechanical Damages Results in Data Loss from Mac Encrypted Hard Drive
  • Power Failure Problem Gives Mac Encrypted Hard Drive Files Loss Error
  • Password Protected Mac Hard Drive Stolen or Theft
  • Internal Software Corruption results in Encrypted Drive documents loss problem

How to Recover Deleted Data from Encrypted/Password Protected Mac Hard Drive?

Encrypted Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software from VikMajra makes it possible to retrieve video, email, photo, MS Office, archive, music files from the hard drive of Mac.

1st Step: To perform the safe deleted encrypted Mac files recovery, first, you need to download & install the VikMajra Mac Data Recovery Software.

2nd Step: Now, open the user interface of Mac Encrypted Drive File Recovery and choose the Data Types Recovery option to move further.

Finally, click on the ‘Start Scan’ button to begin the hard drive scanning process of the password-protected drive.

3rd Step: The Encrypted Mac Hard Drive Files Recovery Software will automatically begin the hard-disk-drive (HDD) scanning and displays the scanned file results on the user computer.

4th Step: In the 4th step, of this Encrypted Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery scanning process, the data recovery app will help the user to get a free file preview of their lost files before their final recovery from HD.

5th Step: In order to preview the recoverable items from the encrypted Mac-drive, double-click on any files from the left pane to preview their content on the right pane of the Mac screen.

6th Step: Data Recovery Software also helps the user to recover disappeared data from Mac HD. To recover the lost files from password-protected hard drives, click on a specific file, and then click on the ‘Recover’ button to starts the file recovery task.

7th Step: Once the above steps of using this Encrypted Mac Drive Data Recovery Software get finished; the Mac data recovery tool will prompt a message to “Choose the Final Drive for Data Saving”.

Here, you need to make sure that the destination Mac drive should not be the same as the Encrypted HD from where you are retrieving the missing Mac files.

8th Step: Finally, the Encrypted Drive Data Rescue Software for Mac-OS will prompt a message that implies that the file saving process of deleted data items on Mac drive had been completed successfully.


The Encrypted Hard Drive Data Recovery Software for Mac listed in the above article acts as a popular free data recovery application for retrieving the lost data from a password-protected Macintosh hard drive. If you find the Encrypted Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery Application Program useful, then please share your view in the below blog comment section and also share it with other users of MAC via social media.

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