How to Recover Trash on Mac

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Overview of How to Recover Trash on Mac in Details

Are you looking out for some reliable & working solutions about How to Recover Trash on Mac and further recovering an unlimited number of deleted or lost files on MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, Air machine? If the answer is “YES”, then here at VikMajra, we have listed out award-winning Best Mac Data Recovery Software to restore videos, emails, archives, photos files with 100% accuracy. Further, you can implement several other troubleshooting methods discussed below to perform Empty Mac Trash Recovery on macOS Catalina 10.15 and lower versions and get back access to the deleted data.

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Overview of Empty Mac Trash and Data Loss Troubles in Details

When a specific file or a group of hundreds of files is deleted either accidentally or intentionally, then the starting thought that comes in your mind is these files are gone entirely. But, the good news is that the recovery of such deleted files of any file-extensions is always possible even after emptying the Mac Trash bin folder. Some of these troubleshooting solutions require the use of in-built Mac features like Time machine drive, iCloud, and work without depending on any software. While the other part involves the use of Mac data recovery to undelete such deleted or lost files on Mac machine.

Initially, when a file is deleted from a Mac machine; the operating system simply marks this space to be available for further use. The deleted files only become invisible for the end-user and always recoverable using the help of the best Mac data recovery software available in the market. However, before using any of these data recovery apps on macOS, try to stop using your Mac to avoid any chance of file-overwritten. This will ensure that no other new piece of information gets over-written on that hard drive and further deleted Mac file recovery becomes possible.

List of 5 Solutions to Recover Deleted Files on Mac After Facing Empty Mac Trash Problem

In case; you have deleted or lost files on Mac by any type of data loss causes, then simply implement the below-mentioned troubleshooting methods like Mac data recovery software, Time Machine data restoration, Undo options, Terminal command.

Solution 1)Recover Empty Trash using Mac Data Recovery Software

If you want to retrieve deleted files from the Empty Mac Trash Bin Folder for which you don’t have any Mac backup solution available neither online nor offline, then you need to take the help of a data recovery tool. You can buy VikMajra Mac data recovery software and install it on your Mac system to retrieve lost files.

vikmajra is an excellent choice for Mac users when it comes to recovering the deleted files both from the local and external drives in a few simple steps. It is fully compatible with the latest Mac operating system and supports all the file formats & file systems with 100% accuracy. After using the Mac hard drive recovery program from VikMajra, you will be able to get back all the deleted files back in minutes using the help of in-built data recovery algorithms.

Solution 2) Use the “Put-Back” Option to Recover Deleted Files from Trash 

How to find recently deleted data on the Apple Mac machine? Initially when you delete a file from its normal location or drag in the Trash folder due to different reasons; then recovery of such deleted files is absolutely possible. However, before that try to make sure that you have not emptied the Trash of Your Mac computer and follow the below-listed steps carefully.

2.1)Go to the Trash Icon of your Mac machine and open it. There you will be able to see all your deleted files exist in the hard-drive.

2.2)Here, find a complete list of all the files that can be recovered. Drag the file you want to recover and move to your Mac desktop. Otherwise, right-click on those deleted files and choose the “Put-Back” method to restore files back on Mac.

This will return all the deleted files back to their initial location.

Solution 3) Use the “Undo” Option to Restore Recently Deleted Files on Mac

In case you have deleted music, archive, photos, graphics, and other sorts of files by accidental means, then you can restore them via the “Undo” button option. However, this step requires immediate action. As you have to use the “Undo” option present in the Mac. Please follow the below steps.

Step 3.1)Once you lose access to your digital files by any means, simply go to the “Edit” and use the button “Undo Move” available on Mac.

Step 3.2)Alternatively, you can further use the “Command + Z” keys simultaneously to successfully revert the deleted file on the macOS or Mac OS X.

After that, you will be able to restore data back in minutes.

Solution 4)Undelete Mac File via Time Machine Backup Drive

TimeMachine is an in-built utility for Mac users for data backup purposes and restoring it comes handy whenever there is some data loss trouble. If TimeMachine is enabled on your Mac, then restore all the lost files back by following the below-mentioned step. Otherwise, if forget to enable the Time-Machine, then this step is of no use.

Step 4.1) Open the Time-Machine. You can also use the Time Machine icon available in the menu bar to enter Time-Machine there. You can also search for TimeMachine via Spotlight.

Step 4.2)In this step, you find the available files that can be restored via the up and down arrow keys of the keyboard. After that, you will be able to get it free preview by pressing the Space Bar of your Mac OS X.

Step 4.3) Now, use the “Restore” button available on-screen, and thereafter all your deleted or lost files will be back to their original location.

Solution 5) Use Terminal for Recovering Deleted Files on Mac

Recovering deleted files on Mac is possible with the help of Terminal. It is a very good option for your requirements. However, the “Terminal” command only helps you in restoring data that are deleted from Trash on macOS or Mac OS X. If you have empty your Trash Bin folder, then the only option available is by using professional Mac data recovery software. In order to restore files back via Terminal, check out the below steps carefully.

Final Words

We hope that after performing all these above-mentioned solutions, all your Mac data are now recovered back that is lost or deleted due to any means. While some of these troubleshooting requires the use of the best Mac data recovery software and others require TimeMachine backup to be enabled. Now, it is your turn to share your experience with us via the below comment section and tell us which of these methods works for you in solving the data recovery problems on the Mac machine.

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