Tips to Increase the Battery Life of Notebook

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Overview of Tips to Increase Battery Life of Notebook in Details

The latest computer gadgets consume less battery power comparatively older PCs. The notebook is one of the most famous examples of modern PC machines. These devices are developed with environmentally friendly technologies and help the users to reduce battery consumption and increase battery life with green settings. Even then the users can often extend the battery life of these notebooks by following a few more settings. Let’s discuss some Eco-friendly power-saving guidelines that can help you to increase your battery life more than normal.

Just a few Tips to Increase Notebook Battery Life

#1.Windows-based Notebook Settings

Each notebook that uses Windows 7 and older versions includes some inbuilt power-saving settings that you can choose with some customizing options. All of these options you can find out on the Control Panel option from Start menu and select Power Options from the system maintenance menu.

#2.Power Options

The Power Options will include both straightforward and advanced settings, depends on the model of the Notebook. Some Notebooks have a special eco-friendly plan, or some include general power-saving settings, such as screen brightness acts according to the computer sleep or hibernate mode. However, in the advanced setting, you can customize each setting separately.

#3.Screen Brightness

Screen brightness is a big factor to increase battery life. You must reduce the screen brightness through the Control Panel. On the other hand, nowadays many Notebooks come with special graphics card programs, which allows reducing the power consumption when a computer is unplugged.

#4.Optimize your Battery Settings

Whenever you buy a new Notebook, it is always advisable that you should set the power settings first. Additionally, you should also remember that do not recharge your battery before it is not completely down. As it will increase battery life.

#5.Mac Based Notebooks

Apple notebooks also have almost similar power-saving settings. To change them, go to the Apple menu and choose System Preferences. There are many power-related settings available in the Hardware tab; you can change them according to your requirements. There are Sleep mode settings under the Energy Saver tab as well as Processor performance settings are also available, which can also be customized.

Final Words

You can just increase the battery life of your Notebook by these power settings and run your battery for a long time after implementing these VikMajra written points. Some manual adjustments can reduce power consumption by 20%, which is enough to increase its total life. Therefore, it is worth spending some time to adjust Notebook’s power settings, especially if you are a frequent user of it. In case, you want to share any other useful tips to increase the battery life of notebooks, then please add them to the comment section.

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