Mac APFS Data Recovery

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Overview of Mac APFS Data Recovery in Details

Are you searching for a reliable and working best APFS data undelete tool for Mac that restore files deleted or lost on Apple Mac’s new file system i.e. APFS? If Yes, then without thinking twice free download VikMajra APFS Mac Data Recovery Software on your macOS Big Sur, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, and get back access to all the lost or deleted Mac files intact in a matter of time. The easy-to-use GUI and advanced level data recovery algorithms will ensure a smooth & hassle-free recovery of digital media files.

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What is APFS?

APFS or Apple File System in short is the Apple latest file system that replaces the previously used HFS+ (hierarchical file system) on Mac devices. APFS comes with all the Apple devices from Apple Watch to Mac since its release. This file system first incorporated in macOS High Sierra and pre-comes in the Mojave (10.14), Catalina (10.15), and other latest Mac computer operating systems. APFS is faster, safe, & reliable when compared with other most commonly used file systems, i.e. HFS, NTFS, ExFAT, HFS+, etc.

It provides an advanced level of data security to Mac users from all across the globe. Except for solid-state drive (SSD) and USB flash drive, APFS provides a unique encryption mechanism for each of the Apple devices and separate keys for the confidential metadata information.

Overview of APFS Data Loss Trouble on Mac

APFS provides end-user with a hassle-free working environment to use Mac in a much better way & increases overall productivity. The overall chances of data loss on the newer version of Mac that pre-comes with APFS file format are significantly lower. Further, data loss due to malware or virus attack, and internal Mac hard drive or system crash also reduced since the inception of APFS. However, at the end of the day, Mac itself is a machine, and data loss on Mac can’t be ignored.

Thousands of users in the world daily face files lost due to HDD/SSD drive formatting, internal system corruption, encryption issues, accident file deletion, and many other causes. And, once the APFS Mac data loss happens due to any of these above-discussed reasons, they search for “How to Recover Deleted Files from APFS drive on Mac” in Google and other related technology forums on the web. The solution to this Mac data loss problem is well explained in the below article with a proper easy to understand screenshot.

Use VikMajra APFS Data Recovery Software for Mac

You need to buy and use the VikMajra BEST APFS data recovery software for macOS Big Sur, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina for the recovery of deleted files. It is a top-class and advanced level Mac data recovery program that undeletes video, email, archive, music, photo, and various other file types. You can also recover files back from an empty Mac Trash bin folder, undelete data from macOS system up-gradation error, etc. Besides recovering the deleted Mac files, VikMajra is a trustworthy & reliable APFS data recovery software for Mac that comes in handy in the below data loss problems.

1.APFS Formatted Data Recovery on Mac

2.Unmountable APFS Drive Data Recovery

3.Inaccessible Mac APFS Drive Data Recovery

4.Password Protected/Encrypted APFS Drive Data Recovery

How to Recover Deleted or Lost APFS Files on Mac OS X or macOS?

Follow the below steps properly and recover all sorts of deleted or lost files on Apple APFS on the Mac machine.

Step 1)First, buy and install the VikMajra APFS Data recovery software on your Mac computer and simply follow the below instruction to get back lost data on the APFS drive.

Step 2)Now, select the type of files which you want to recover from these options, i.e. Documents, Emails, Videos, Audio, Photos, etc. on MAC.

Step 3)In this step, you need to select the hard disk drive (it can be either your internal HDD or SSD or any other removable device) from where you want to get back access to all the lost data items. After selecting it, click on the “Scan” button.

Step 4)The VikMajra APFS data recovery tool will thoroughly scan the selected drive and display the final results on your Mac screen.

Step 5)In the 5th step, you will be able to get a free file preview of all the recoverable items after clicking on any specific file from the left pane.

Step 6)Finally this top-rated APFS data recovery software for Mac provides the option to save all the recovered files onto an external hard drive according to the end MAC user requirements.

Final Conclusion

After reading this VikMajra article, you have now comes to some level of trust that APFS data recovery is possible using the help of Best Mac data recovery software. Further, you have learned in detail a systematic approach about how does APFS file system on Mac works and how to use the APFS data undelete tool to retrieve lost, formatted, encrypted, and inaccessible APFS formatted local Mac drive and external connected data storage devices. Please share your experience with us via the below comment section and use the VikMajra Mac data recovery software application.

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