List of Top 7 Best Mac File Recovery Software

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Overview of Mac File Recovery Software in Details

Are you searching for Top 7 Best Mac File Software to bring back video, email, music, pictures, and other files deleted or lost due to hard drive formatting, malware attack, empty Mac Trash, or any other type of data loss reasons? The good news is that deleted Mac file recovery is absolutely possible after using these best data recovery apps for Apple macOS. The file recovery programs for macOS provide support with SSD, Internal Mac drive, external drive, SD card, pen drive, memory card, etc.

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Top 7 Best Mac File Recovery Software List to Get Back Deleted Mac Files

Not all the lost Mac files are recoverable easily. But, if you have deleted files accidentally and not write any new data on the hard drive or volume, there are higher chances of file recovery after using the below Mac file recovery software with reviews.

#1)VikMajra Listed Mac File Recovery Software

When you search for the “Mac File Recovery Softwarekeyword in Google, VikMajra software comes at the top. With proven industry experience and a 98% file recovery rate, this is the best available software that provides file recovery functionality from both local Mac drive and externally connected storage media. Further, it is 100% tested with macOS Catalina 10.15 and the latest Apple Mac file system, i.e. APFS. You can download VikMajra software for Mac file recovery on MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, and various other computers and use it for file recovery purposes.

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Key Features of VikMajra Mac File Recovery Software

  • Retrieve Deleted Mac Files from Emptied Trash Bin Folder
  • Regains File from a Formatted APFS or HFS+ Partition With Ease
  • Recover Files from Deleted Mac Drive Partition
  • File Undelete from a Crashed Mac
  • Provides Mac Drive Health Monitoring & Cloning Functionality
  • Mac Disk Imaging Option for a Quick Recovery
  • Recovers Permanently Deleted Mac Files
  • TimeMachine Backup Recovery
  • Fix Corrupted Video and Photo Files
  • Password Protected Mac Drive Recovery

To recover deleted Mac files Using VikMajra, Perform These Steps

  • Free Download and install Mac file recovery software.
  • Open the application and locate the hard drive from which you want to undelete Mac files.
  • Click on the Scan button option to start the hard drive scanning process.
  • At this step, the Mac recovery app provides a free preview of all the recoverable files. Now, select a new drive or destination for saving recovered files.
  • Finally, click on the Recover button to starts the MAC file recovery.


  • Supports thousands of different file formats on Mac.
  • Provides advanced-level file recovery functionality.
  • A DIY approach to file recovery.
  • Comes with an extra free hard drive option.
  • Provide easy to use interface.


Not completely free software, but only provide a file preview option.

Price: $79

#2)TestDisk for Mac File Recovery

TestDisk is another free, open-source and command-line-based deleted Mac file recovery utility that was developed by Christophe Grenier. While it was initially created to recover lost or deleted Mac partition, but now you can use it for file recovery benefits. TestDisk is compatible with macOS Catalina via Homebrew, but not fully supported by the new file system. Also, for the new users, this is not the right option since it is a command-line tool, and only experienced advanced users can fully use it without facing any type of errors.

Advantages of TestDisk

  • Open-source and free application
  • Reliable recovery results on MAC
  • Runs on many platforms supported by Mac

Disadvantages of TestDisk

  • Command-line user interface utility
  • Suitable for only advanced and experienced Mac users

Price: Free Software

#3)Lazesoft Mac File Recovery

Lazesoft Mac file recovery is the 3rd software in this list that is primarily used for recovering the deleted Mac files. Although it is not a popular and most updated software for data recovery, but for the older version of Mac OS X, it is still a viable option. Since 2014, the developer of Lazesoft has not updated this software and it doesn’t provide support with the latest Mac OS and file system.

Advantages of Lazesoft

  • Designed specifically for Mac OS X users
  • Provide an easy-to-use interface for file recovery
  • Runs on older versions of Mac machine very well

Disadvantages of Lazesoft

Doesn’t provide support with the latest version of Mac, i.e. macOS Catalina

Price: Free

#4)Disk Drill for Mac File Recovery Tool

Disk Drill from is an all-in-one complete software package design and developed to solve data loss trouble faced by Mac users all across the globe. Using Disk Drill, you can recover an unlimited number of lost files from both the internal Mac drive and external drive that includes SSD, SD Card, Pen Drive, Memory Card, etc. within a matter of time. Since its first version developed 10 years back, the team of experienced software developers at Cleverfiles are working very hard to make Disk Drill for Mac the #1 software for all types of data recovery requirements. New features are being added on a regular basis to fulfill the end Mac file loss problems.

Advantages of Disk Drill for Mac

  • Retrieve All File Formats on Mac
  • All Major Mac Devices Supported
  • No Expert Skills Needed to Use
  • Restore Files Both from Any Internal or External Storage, iOS and Android
  • Provide Much Easy to Use Interface

Disadvantages of Disk Drill for Mac Data Recovery

  • Not a completely free Mac file recovery software

Price: PRO $89, Enterprise $499

#5)EaseUS Mac File Recovery Wizard

EaseUS is another leading Mac file recovery app that works perfectly and retrieves the deleted files from internal drive, external drive, SSD, fusion drive, USB, camera, memory card, and certain other types of data storage media or devices. EaseUS provides Mac users 3 different options to get back any size files, i.e. Free, Pro, and Technician. Each of these 3 versions provides a different set of features and functionality according to the end-user requirements. You need to choose the right option for solving the Mac file loss problems.

Advantages of EaseUS Mac file recovery tool

  • Recover an unlimited number of files.
  • Undelete photos, documents, videos, music, emails, etc.
  • Provides Import/export file scanning results.
  • Search, filter, preview all the recoverable files from Mac drive.
  • Recover Time Machine and iTunes backup.
  • Better customer support


  • Can only recover 2 GB for free

Price: $89.95/month

#6)Recoverit Mac File Recovery App

Do you want to recover deleted files like documents and multimedia on Mac like a professional and without facing any trouble, then try Recoverit Mac file recovery software? This file recovery app from Wondershare has been developed in such a manner that you get all the much-required features in a single place without searching the internet about the “Mac File Recovery” problems.

Advantages of Recoverit Mac Software for File Recovery

  • Recover 200+ types of files and folders on Mac intact.
  • Fully compatible with most commonly used Mac devices for data recovery.
  • Utilize Exclusive Advanced Video Recovery Technology
  • Provides 3 Steps to Get back Your Lost Mac Files


  • Not an entirely free software

Price:- $119.95

#7)Stellar Mac File Recovery Software

Stellar Mac file recovery is the last software in this list that makes the entire recovery process to be much easier than user expectations. It provides Professional, Premium, and Technician versions to meet the end Mac user file loss problem. It uses high-level file recovery algorithms to restore them from every type of hard drive or volume. Besides solving the low-level file recovery error, it helps advanced users by offering powerful features like Time Machine recovery, BootCamp Partition recovery, corrupt hard drive repair, video & photo repair, etc.

Advantages of Stellar Mac file recovery

  • Undelete documents, photos, videos, audio, etc. files.
  • Restores files from a non-booting macOS.
  • Bring back deleted files after the USB hard drive corruption and partition loss error etc.
  • Provides support up to macOS Catalina and APFS, HFS+, ex-FAT, HFS+, & NTFS file systems.


  • Provide a free preview option to recover files from drive and not an entirely free app.

Price:- $79

How to Select the Best Mac File Recovery Software App?

After doing extensive testing and reviews of a large number of Mac file recovery apps, we have identified some of the major metrics which every Mac user needs to know at the time of selecting the best Mac file recovery software. It will help you in making sure whether you are finalizing the right file recovery program for Mac OS X or not.

  • Apple Mac Operating System Support
  • File Type/Format Support
  • Price of the Mac File Recovery Application
  • Free File Preview Option of Recoverable Files
  • Customer Support
  • Data Security
  • Performance of the Mac Software for Deleted File Recovery
  • File System Compatibility
  • Features of the software
  • Experience in the Data Recovery Industry

Final Words

Once a specific file or a group of files gets deleted or lost from the hard drive on Mac, you need to first try the manual file recovery solutions. In case, you are not satisfied with the manual file recovery helps, then finalize and use a professional best Mac file recovery software that can bring back all your files intact while maintaining a high level of data security & integrity. We recommend everyone to use the VikMajra Mac data recovery application since it is one of the most advanced software in this list that provides features not available in any other software in the entire industry. Further, if you like this article of the top 7 best free Mac file recovery software helpful, then please let us know your feedback via the below comment section.

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