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Overview of Mac Partition Recovery Software in Details

The below VikMajra article will share with you a list of the top 5 best Mac partition recovery software and will prove helpful in case you have deleted, formatted, or lost Mac hard drive partition due to any reasons. Once the Deleted Mac partition recovery gets completed after these apps, you can recover all the deleted data stored in the Mac partition and regain access to them quite easily. You can also recover Mac data from the deleted partition if you have previously taken the Mac back via TimeMachine or any other back solutions. These Mac OS X or macOS partition recovery software have been developed using advanced level algorithms and by highly experienced software developers.

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List of Top 5 Best Free Mac Partition Recovery Software

The below list of top-rated 5 Mac partition recovery software has been created after doing an extensive review and research process. To recover your lost partition or volume in Mac, you need to try any one of the below options as soon as you come to know about partition loss trouble.

#1)VikMajra Listed Mac Partition Recovery Software

VikMajra listed Mac data recovery as the #1 software in the market that can be used to perform 100% successful deleted partition recovery on Apple Mac OS X or macOS. This award-winning utility not only recovers files from a formatted hard drive, but can also be used to restore data from lost, deleted, and missing Mac drive partitions within minutes.

Notable Features of VikMajra Partition Recovery Software for Mac OS X or macOS

1.1)It helps the end-user to retrieve & rescue data from all size partitions or logical hard drives on Mac.

1.2)This app can be used to perform Mac hard drive recovery to undelete files or folders of different types.

1.3)This software can be used to resolve data loss trouble on Mac. It includes deleted file recovery from formatted drive, empty Mac trash recovery, virus attack file recovery, and many other problems.

1.4)This highly professional deleted data recovery software for Mac provides full support with all the major file systems:- APFS, HFS+, HFS, FAT both FAT16 & FAT32), NTFS, etc.

1.5)This software also supports BootCamp partition recovery, mac file recovery, encrypted drive recovery.

1.6)Fully compatible with Apple Mac’s latest operating system, macOS Catalina 10.15.

#2)PhotoRec for Deleted Partition Recovery on Mac

PhotoRec is a completely free digital media recovery software for Mac that is helpful in the recovery of deleted Mac partitions. You can retrieve lost or deleted photos from mobile phones, computers, external drives, memory card pen drives, and certain other media devices. Further, it can also be used to repair the corrupted file structure problem with 100% accuracy.

Notable Features:

2.1)Restores data deleted from most devices

2.2)Works on all the Mac file formats, not just images

#3)EaseUS Mac Partition Recovery Software

EaseUS is another popular application that is primarily used in the restoration of data and also Mac drive partitions. It provides 3 simple and easy-to-use steps data recovery options to the end-user, i.e. scans, preview, and recovery of files. Fix all types of Mac partition trouble with ease.

Notable features:

3.1)With this tool, you can retrieve a wide range of file types i.e. photos, music, video, and documents from Mac internal or other devices.

3.2)This Mac Data Recovery software has a good user interface and hence easy use both for new and professional Mac users.

4)Data Rescue 5 for Mac Partition Recovery

Have you accidentally deleted or lost your Mac partition? Or does your hard drive no longer appear on the Mac machine? Then try data rescue 5 for Mac data recovery and retrieve all the much important digital media and certain other necessary business documents.

Notable features:

4.1)It recovers deleted files both from external and internal drives.

4.2)Provide a free file preview option before recovery.

4.3)Support data recovery from all versions of Mac OS.

#5)Disk Drill Mac Partition Recovery Tool

DiskDrill is not only a Mac data recovery software but can be used to perform several other useful functions while using the Mac machine hassle-free. Some of the additional features provided by DiskDrill include:- Duplicate File Finder, Cleaning Up Mac drive, Disk Backup, Mac Disk Health Monitor, Bootable Recovery of Data, Analyzing the Mac Disk Storage, and many others. Try DiskDrill and restore your deleted Mac drive partition within minutes.

Notable Features:

5.1)Fully compatible with all the Mac operating systems.

5.2)Retrieve deleted files from more than 500+ file extensions/types.

5.3)Provide a wide range of basic and advanced level data recovery features on Apple Mac.

Everything About Mac Hard Drive Partitions/Volume in Detail

Apple macOS or Mac OS X is very similar to Microsoft Windows operating system in many features. During normal use, you have figured out that Mac uses volume to store all types of data much similar to a database. It can be used at any point of time whenever required.

The partition or logical drive uses APFS (Apple file system), HFS (Hierarchical file system), HFS+ file system. But, there occur many causes when this partition or volume either gets corrupted, deleted, lost due to different reasons. Some of the major responsible reasons are virus or malware attack, internal software app corruption, power failure, hard drive crash, and many other trouble.

Overview of Deleted or Lost Partition Recovery on Mac

Due to any of the above-mentioned reasons, the Mac partition can lose at any point of time while using it for normal day-to-day operations. It results in data loss trouble on Mac machines and various other types of issues. Also, finding the right solution about how to recover deleted or lost partitions on Mac is not an easy task specifically if you have no prior experience in handling this Mac error message.

The situation becomes further worse if you accidentally format Mac hard drive partitions without taking the Mac backup and now all the much-needed files have been lost for further use. In all such types of problems, you will often do a Google search with “How to recover the formatted partition on Mac” and restore the necessary files intact without any modifications.

Before implementing any of the Mac partition recovery solutions, please ensure these below points list after you face the deleted/lost/formatted Mac partition error message.

1.Don’t write anything on the hard drive or partition.

2.Don’t reformat the Mac partition.

3.Try to avoid using any type of disk utilities.

4.Avoid re-creating any new partitions.

After taking these 4 safety measures and using any of the best Mac partition recovery software mentioned in this article, you will be able to recover your deleted, formatted, lost partition on Mac with ease.

How to Recover Deleted or Lost Partition on Mac using Mac Partition Recovery Software?

You can easily get back deleted or lost MAC hard drive partitions after buying the VikMajra Mac data recovery software. Please follow the below-mentioned steps and restore the Mac partition.

1)First purchase & install the Data recovery software on your local system.

2)Now, open the software user interface and select the list of deleted files that you want to retrieve from the deleted Mac volume.

3)In the 3rd step, the “Select Location” screen will start to appear on your Mac computer screen. Further, choose the “Can’t Find Volume” option and click on the “Scan” button.

4)After that, “Select Disk to Search Lost Volume” will start to appear on the screen of your MAC. Choose the Disk and click on the Search button. Once the process gets completed, click “OK”.

5)In the 5th step, the “Select Lost Volume to Recover Data” screen will show up. Here, you need to choose a specific deleted or lost volume/ partition to undelete data. Enable “Deep Scan” and then click on the Scan button. After that, the software will start scanning the deleted Mac partition for retrieving the files stored in it. Click OK.

6)This professional and top-rated Mac data rescue software will start the scanning process and display the final scanned results on the Mac screen. You can double click on a specific file to get its free preview. 

7)Finally, choose the necessary files which you want to recover, and click on the “Recover” button option to finish the deleted Mac partition recovery process and rescue the data stored in it.

Final Conclusive Words

You can easily get back deleted or lost Mac partitions after using the Top 5 best Mac partition recovery software listed above. Once the volume/partition is recovered on macOS or Mac OS X, you can restore video, email, music, archive, multimedia, email, and various other sorts of files stored in HD. Besides that, you can take the help of certain other features provided by these best Mac data recovery apps listed on the VikMajra Website like deleted Mac file recovery, Empty Trash recovery, Time-Machine recovery, etc. to name a few.

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