macOS Big Sur (11.0) Data Recovery- [Top 7 Best Software Only]

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Overview of macOS Big Sur (11.0) Data Recovery in Details

Did you lose all your Mac data after the macOS Big Sur OS update? If Yes, Then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will learn how you can recover the data you lost after a Mac update. We will make sure to cover all the steps to recover the data. No doubt, system software updates are enticing. Whenever you receive an update notification, you just proceed to install it on your Mac computers and keep it updated. However, the update can lead to data loss. It can be frustrating if you lose important files in the process. Just check out the below solutions available and also use 100% working Apple macOS Big Sur (11.0) Data Recovery Software.

Important Note:- Once the data become deleted or inaccessible from macOS Big Sur, then please stop using it on an immediate basis. It will ensure that no other new files will be overwritten to the hard drive and further file recovery become possible after using the macOS Big Sur Data Recovery Software listed on VikMajra.

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100% Working Solution to Do macOS Big Sur (11.0) Data Recovery and Restoring Files Back

Recently, Apple has rolled out an update for Mac OS that is called macOS Big Sur. It is Catalina’s successor. In the process of updating, you can lose access to important files. If you are one such person, continue reading to find out what you have to do macOS Big Sur (11.0) Data Recovery.

#1)Check Mac Trash Can Folder

At times, after an update, important data might end up in the Trash Can due to some glitch in the software, or for some other reason. 

In that case, we would recommend you to check the Trash Can prior to moving on to some other method. 

To do this, you will have to go to the Trash folder and check if it has the files. In case you find the files you are looking for, right-click on them, and then click on option ‘Put Back’ to restore files.

In case this method fails to work, move on to the next method.   

#2)Restore Lost Document from Temporary Items

Before you install a Mac Data Recovery Tool on macOS Big Sur, another technique you need to try out is to look for the files in the folder, TemporaryItems. Sure, it is a rare case scenario but, it is worth trying out. 

To go to this folder, you have to open Terminal on the Mac system from the Application. Once you have opened it, go to the terminal, and type ‘open $TMPDIR’. Now, hit Enter. This will open the folder Temporary Items for you to check if it contains the lost documents and files. In case you come across relevant items, save it on Mac or just move on to the next option. 

#3)Restore Data Using a Mac Data Recovery Software

In case the above two methods fail, the last and the best option you have at hand is to use VikMajra Mac Data Recovery Software. With this, you can perform macOS Big Sur (11.0) Data Recovery. 

The macOS Big Sur (11.0) Data Recovery tool will help you to recover data in just a few seconds. Using this, you can recover formatted, as well as deleted files. The software extends its support to various storage devices like external hard drives, hard drives, Memory Cards, USB devices, etc. Moreover, it supports different types of files like documents, videos, and emails.

#4)Recover Data from macOS Big Sur via Time Machine Backup Drive

Apple’s in-built Time Machine app makes the complete Mac data backup process easier for the end-user. In case, if you have previously enabled Time Machine for Mac backup purposes, then data restoration becomes smooth and risk-free on all the Mac computer OS including Big Sur (11.0).

How to Use VikMajra Software for macOS Big Sur (11.0) Data Recovery?

To use the macOS Big Sur (11.0) Data Recovery tool, you will have to follow the below-listed steps carefully.

a)Download the Data Recovery Software for Mac

Download the macOS Big Sur (11.0) Data Recovery software for free and install it on the Mac. 

b)Choose the Hard Drive Where You Lost Your Files

You have to run software on the Mac and choose HD where you lost your files. 

c)Scan the Hard Drive to Find Out the Lost and Deleted Files

Now, you will have to click on the ‘Scan’ button and let the Mac Recovery Software perform a deep hard drive scan to find all lost and deleted files.

d)Preview and Restore Lost or Deleted Files

Once you are done with the scan, you can check files that you can recover. Choose the wanted files & then save them. This will restore the files that you have lost.

How to Recover Lost or Deleted Data After Upgrading to Apple macOS Big Sur?

Recovery of deleted digital media files from a failed MAC Big Sur upgrade is possible after properly following the below-mentioned steps.

1)First Buy and install the Tech-Software-Logic macOS Big Sur Data Recovery Software on your Mac machine.

2)Now, open the user interface of this software in order to finish the Mac-data recovery process.

3)In the 3rd step, you need to select the Mac hard disk or volume from where you want to restore the videos, music, pictures, archives, and any other file types.

4)In this step, the Mac data recovery tool will scan the hard drive and display the final results on the Mac user monitor screen. Double click on any file to get its free previews.

5)In the 5th step, data recovery software for Mac Big Sur provides options to undelete all or some specific selected files from the storage devices.

6)Now, select the deleted files which you want to retrieve from the HD and finally “Recover” them on a selected hard drive. It can be either internal or externally connected drives.

Note:- Tech Software Logic data recovery software for Mac Big Sur free download versions allow you to scan the hard drive of any size completely free of cost. Also, you can get a preview of all the recoverable files entirely free of cost. However, for recovering your digital files, you need to purchase this data recovery program.

Commonly Faced macOS Big Sur Data Loss Problem with 100% Working Solution

Mac Data Loss, Booting, Slowness, Network, Bluetooth, Battery, Apps, Mouse, Recovery Mode, etc. are some of the most commonly faced problems by Mac users after upgrading with the latest Apple macOS Big Sur operating system. In the below article, you will know a detailed troubleshooting solution to all these issues.

macOS Big Sur Data Loss Trouble

Apple split the Mac startup disk into 2 different volumes (Data and System) in both macOS Catalina and Big Sur. Due to this automatic bootable data backup and restoration process becomes difficult in Mac. So, it is highly recommended to backup your Mac using an in-built utility Time Machine. Also, if you are depending on 3rd party software for backup purpose, then you need to wait till the 3rd party Mac backup software become ready for Big Sur.

How to Restore the Deleted/Lost Mac Files After Failed Big Sur Update?

Although, Apple has already made it clear that data loss happens on Mac in case if macOS Big Sur update is interrupted due to any reasons. So, it is a good idea to regularly take a Mac Backup using different solutions.  In case, you lose access to your MAC Data, then simply restore the Time-Machine backup. Otherwise, if you don’t have a proper backup available, then use VikMajra Mac Data Recovery Software and retrieve all the digital media files back within a few seconds.

List of Top 7 Best Mac Data Recovery Software [macOS Big Sur Supported]

In case you are looking for professional data recovery software for Apple macOS Big Sur in order to retrieve the deleted or lost files, then there is good news for you. If the files are not overwritten with some piece of information, then all the deleted data become recoverable using the help of these below-mentioned top 7 best Data recovery apps.

#1)Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software

Use Stellar data recovery for Mac and retrieve files deleted or lost due to any type of data loss trouble on MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, and iMac. This software is fully tested with the latest macOS Big Sur and helps the end Macintosh user to successfully undelete files both from local and external data storage devices. You can also repair your corrupted or damaged Mac hard drive and get back access to all the lost or inaccessible digital multimedia files stored inside the drive. The advanced level data recovery algorithm used in developing this software makes it a viable, secure, and powerful option for solving all types of data loss problems on Mac machines.

List of Useful Features of Stellar Data Recovery for Mac

  • Undelete Videos, Audios, Archives, Photos, MS Offices, PDF, and other related files intact
  • Recover 100% Data from a Non-Booting or Crashed Mac
  • Fully Tested and Working with APFS, NTFS, HFS, ExFAT, HFS+ (file system) and Big Sur, Catalina, etc. (OS)
  • Mac Trash Recovery to Restore Data from Empty Mac Trash Bin Folder
  • TimeMachine Backup Drive Recovery
  • Repair Corrupted Videos, Photos, and Other Multimedia Files
  • Recover documents deleted or lost from the external drive and local Mac drive
  • Recover Deleted or Lost Mac BootCamp Partition

#2)iSkysoft- Mac Data Recovery Software

RecoverIT iSkySoft for data recovery is a high-level advanced software that retrieves an unlimited number of lost or deleted files on MAC. You need to simply buy and install the iSkySoft app on your computer and need to follow all the onscreen instructions to regain access to lost data items.

#3)Reneelab Mac Data Recovery Program

The Mac file recovery tool from Reneelab corporation is the 5th option in this list that is solving the data loss problems for the past 15+ years. Reneelab provides both free and paid options for recovering an unlimited number of files and folders on different Mac machines. You can free try the Reneelab app and check whether the software is capable of recovering the deleted files or not.

#4)Wondershare- Mac Data Recovery Tool

Similar to VikMajra, Wondershare data recovery is another reliable option for Mac users when it comes to retrieving deleted files. It provides interactive GUI and certain other advanced level data recovery options which makes the entire recovery process to be much easier for the end-user. Further Wondershare Mac file recovery provides 3 simple steps to bring back video, audio, email, archives files on the Mac machine.

#5)Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac

Cisdem Mac file recovery software is the 3rd option in this list that retrieve files of different file format both from the internal and external drive without any change in original data. Along with providing Mac file undelete options, Cisdem also provides various other helpful features that include:- Mac hard disk drive cleaning, monitoring, cloning, duplicate file removal. Further, you can also restore data from Android & iOS.

#6)Aiseesoft- Mac Data Recovery Software

Aiseesoft is a completely free and open-source software for Mac file recovery and deleted partition recovery on MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Air machine. Though Aiseesoft App for Mac recovery is not compatible with Mac’s latest OS and file system, however for the lower-level file recovery requirements, it is still a viable option.

#7)VikMajra Mac Data Recovery Software

VikMajra Mac data recovery is a professional and top-quality software to resolve all sorts of hard drive corruption and data loss problems on all the major Mac machines. VikMajra has more than a decade of successfully past experience in delivering top-notch data recovery products for Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, and other operating systems. Also, the overall deleted MAC file recovery rate (98%) of this product is much higher when compared with any of its competitors in the industry. The Mac data recovery software from VikMajra will undelete your files lost/deleted/formatted from virus attack, internal app corruption, empty Trash, hardware failure, and other related data loss problems.

Choose the right option from the above listed top 7 data recovery programs for macOS Big Sur and rescue all the digital multimedia files of any size while maintaining data quality & security.

How to Choose Best Mac Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Files from Mac Hard Drive?

Due to the continuous increase in the Mac data recovery software provider companies in the last few years, the selection of the Best Mac Data Recovery Software becomes a tedious task for anyone who has never faced data loss problems. However, the below-listed tips and tricks will help every Mac user to select only the top and most reliable Mac file recovery app.

1)Check the customer support of the data recovery software provider.

2)Check its compatibility with the latest Mac operating system.

3)Check whether the data recovery app is capable of recovering your deleted files or not before finally purchasing it for your requirements.

4)Check the software file system compatibility with APFS, HFS, HFS+, NTFS, FAT, ExFAT, etc.

5)Check the data recovery software company’s total experience in the industry or market.

List of Files Type Recoverable After Using Best Mac Data Recovery Software

Below is the complete list of files that can be recovered after using Mac Data Recovery Software.

1)Deleted Video File Recovery on Mac

2)Deleted Audio File Recovery on Mac

3)Deleted Photo File Recovery on Mac

4)Deleted Document File Recovery on Mac

5)Deleted Email File Recovery on Mac

Final Conclusion

It is clear from this article that whenever you upgrade your device, you should keep a backup of all important files. But if you have forgotten to take Mac backup before the new operating system update and lost important files, you can use VikMajra Mac Data Recovery Software Solution to recover them. This tool is easy to use, and you can restore the data in no time. The tool can recover all types of data on Mac. You can also take the help of the top 7 best Mac data recovery software free download the full version and get back access to deleted files.

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