MS Word File Corruption Causes

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Overview of MS Word Document Corruption in Details

A corrupt MS word exhibits several usual behaviors while opening. This type of issue occurs when the program runs on incorrect information. There are several causes of such unusual actions like hardware, or viruses, or software malfunctions. After corruption, the MS Word starts showing errors that can’t be attributed to the normal operation of the program:- such as unreadable characters on the screen, infinite repagination, incorrect document layout, and formatting, the system starts to be hung or crash, whenever the user load or view the file, error messages, etc. The first and simple thing that a user can do is, restart MS word immediately.

Here are some leading causes of MS Word File Corruption

1.Save the MS Word file when the resources are low or unavailable can cause damage. To avoid these issues you can restart the programs and clear the clipboard.

2.If you have installed an infected printer driver or your already installed printer driver is corrupted, then this can also lead a Word document to be corrupt. To avoid this reinstall the driver.

3.The corrupt template can also corrupt documents based on it. It can be more disastrous when it corrupts an all-new documents you have created or will create because it can spread on every new document and affect them like a virus.

4.Word corruption can also take place if your system is infected with any macro virus or hardware is not compatible with other software. Low RAM (random access memory) may also be a reason for Word corruption.

5.Round Tripping can also be a cause of unusual behavior of the word. Whenever you change the format of the document from one format to another, and then again back to 1st form. If you repeat this process many times, it may harm your word document.

6.At times, copying Word file from CDs/Flash Drives/Etc may lead to corruption.

7.A bad sector of your hard disk can also be a strong reason for word document corruption if you save that file in it.

Let’s have a look at some troubleshooting steps to fix the MS Word file corruption problems

1)Un-install the Printer driver and reinstall it on the system.

2)Close all the programs which are running and try now to make the document.

3)Inspect other programs’ behavior as well.

4)Check all the records whether all of them are affected or not.

5)You can perform the same action to another computer by copying the text on it.

6)Change the mane of the template which is attached to the document and try again.

7)You can also try it by changing the components of the system.

8)If nothing works, shut down the system and start fresh documentation of word.

Following are the cases, when corruption occurs only with a single MS Word document

Example 1: If your single document gets corrupted, and you need the content of it. You can change the format of the document and again convert it to doc or copy the undamaged content to another one, except for some last line.

Case 2: If the document is not opening then you can try some following steps to recover it:- 

  • You can try to open it in draft mode
  • Insert that document as a file in a new one
  • Open the document file by linking to it
  • Open the document in Microsoft Write or WordPad
  • Remove the Header Information from the file
  • Use the “Recover Text from Any File” Converter to open the file

Final Words

At times, you have hundreds of Word files on your system, and it is not possible to check all of them. If you are also facing the same problem, then there are some more professional ways also available, to Repair Word document at the earliest, without any manual checking. Best MS Word Repair Tool not only helps you to recover complete doc files but also searches all doc files saved on your computer. An installation process and some click will recover your all damaged doc files within a short duration as they are specially programmed for recovery. The software must be compatible with your machine as well as the system. Please share your experience with other VikMajra users and tell us which of the MS Word Repair Software you have used and worked perfectly.

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