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VikMajra | Privacy Policy

VikMajra puts the security of users’ information at the ridge. It is a research and review platform complemented with an elite privacy plan of action. VikMajra eliminates the risk of personally identifiable information hack; meanwhile, it allows a user to explore vast companies/products’ statistics online. Our collection of data/facts/figures is gathered via online and offline surveys. IT firms also confirm and verify their statistics to offer a crystal clear review to our worldwide audience. In the context of understanding our methods for utilization of information, review process, conversion rates, and tie-up with business leads, this privacy policy will help you.

To begin with, VikMajra invites IT firms, brand promoters, and potential customers from all over the world. Hence, our website asks for users’ consent beforehand. In the event that a user “accepts” or “allows” our website to grasp non-optional information for further access, such users will remain obliged to the terms and conditions of the following Privacy Policy.


VikMajra is one of the world-class intermediate research and review platforms for companies, firms, software, products, service providers, and customers in the USA, UK, India, UAE, Canada, Australia, Germany, and other countries across the globe. We focus on contributing to the online collection of data, facts, figures, and attributes of companies and service providers for you to select the best clientele. We aim at the requirement of information from both the buyers as well as sellers’ perspective. It has become quite challenging for buyers and sellers to connect at a smoother level in today’s world.

Since all service providers have routed their businesses online, choices for buyers are pervading. Meanwhile, VikMajra takes the initiative as a trustee platform to obtain concrete details about the conceivable buyer, service provider, or IT firm. At VikMajra, we affix the right buyer with the right seller and create an enhanced trade relationship between the parties.

Privacy of Information

VikMajra utilizes legitimate research and a survey-based set of approaches to collect the extent of information regarding companies, products, software, and service providers. Our platform ranks corporations and companies based on their relevance and intent. Companies and firms can also benefit from VikMajra elite reviewing platform to impart important information to their potential customers worldwide. Information such as customer reviews, lists of services, and contact information are put online open for public access. 

For the most part, it is noteworthy to mention that VikMajra also avails information through multiple online and offline resources. For instance, in the event that an IT firm offers its email address on its official website, VikMajra experts may connect the information and put it online for worldwide users’ access. This course of action does not root any damage to the respective company’s/firm’s reputation, whatsoever. 

Alongside, VikMajra also remains liable to collect users’ information irrespective of their purpose on our platform. To do so, our platform may run web server tools, registered information, login details, and others.

However, we do not acquire any information that goes beyond personally identifiable information, including name, Date of Birth, Gender, Occupation, Email Address, Mobile Number, and others. Furthermore, information concerning user(s) location and devices such as IP Address, Operating system in use, browser details, cookies, history, and links. All the mentioned information remains secured with VikMajra and claims not to harm users’ privacy of information in any way possible. 

How Does VikMajra Use the Information?

When it comes to the database regarding companies and IT firms, VikMajra puts general information on the website for easy access by potential customers worldwide. On the other hand, our website also takes the initiative of collecting user-based information for administrative purposes. For the most part, such information allows VikMajra to initiate personal user login profile creation for smoother research and review process. By creating a user profile, millions of customers on VikMajra acquire the power to put their testimony regarding a company, software, or product online. As a consequence, our platform attains a strong route of confidence among the millions of customers over the internet. 

For the most part, as a user, VikMajra accesses information such as pages you visit, time duration, clicks on links, cookies, and downloads. All the given information is used by the VikMajra server to keep its worldwide users up-to-date and easily contact during emergencies. For example, in the event that a user raises a complaint or request on our platform, we use tracking information to contact such users in the meantime. 

Disclosure of Information by VikMajra

VikMajra shall not disclose any personally-identifiable information regarding IT firms and visitors on the website to the third-party. Our platform steers clear of any type of accidental revelation of one’s personal information by preserving all the activities via our security excellence solutions. To begin with, VikMajra does not collect any user-based information without one’s consent. However, in the following terms & conditions, disclosure of information remains valid:-

  • In case, a third-party (firm/company) claims to match the security level of information equivalent to VikMajra.
  • In the event that VikMajra receives a judgment from the court during a legal proceeding. Thus, it is required to surrender all the information to justify the third-party’s expression of facts. Hence, in this case, VikMajra will be legally liable to disclose the collected information. 

Customization of Information

In the event that you have provided incorrect information at VikMajra, our platform allows its users to customize such information and correct it in the meantime. In several other situations, in the event that you do not want to continue to be a VikMajra user anymore, you can easily delete, unsubscribe, or deactivate your user-login profile. By doing so, you can retract all the information that you have so far provided at our platform.

Alongside this, the terms are different for IT Firms & companies associated with us. As an IT Firm, you cannot delete your profile’s presence for VikMajra, in this case: Your Firm profile incorporates review from one or more than one customer online at VikMajra. The reason being, VikMajra does not hold the right to delete the information (testimonials) upgraded by the third-party. 

Our platform also sends time-to-time updates to its persistent subscribers. Hence, you may receive direct mailers and newsletters. In the event that you wish to “not” receive these updates, you can unsubscribe to our services. 

Data Security and Retention 

VikMajra maintains a level of security between its user(s) personally identifiable information and suspicious third-party that may access your information illegally. In this case, VikMajra claims to secure your information from any cybernetics. However, our platform is not held responsible for any data security damage from the user’s end. Therefore, it is recommendable to use a trustee browser while using VikMajra.

Once you have logged into VikMajra, it saves all the details related to your user account. For data backup methodologies, VikMajra saves such data for industrial purposes. Therefore, in the given case, VikMajra does not declare such data as “null and void,” even after you deactivate or delete your user ID.

Final Declaration by VikMajra

By visiting and accessing the VikMajra site, the user gives us his/her consent to collect and utilize the details. Furthermore, all users remain liable for the terms and conditions of this privacy policy. In the future, in the event that our privacy policy changes, VikMajra will connect with you.

Important Points about Privacy Policy of VikMajra Website

1. The information we collect from you is processed and used solely for administrative purposes. It is aimed to help us manage our relationship with you effectively and appropriately.

2. Since we are offering you a service, whenever you purchase from our website, we need to ask for some information about you to complete your transaction. At this time, please provide us with your correct billing, shipping, and contact information. Your critical information remains secure with us and cannot be received or read by others.

3. If you “Login” at our support center, we will receive your information through a login form. The collected data will include your name and email address. Kindly provide the correct details so that our support team can respond to your inquiry.

4. If you deem proper, you may register to receive periodic email correspondence from us through our “Newsletter.” To sign up for our newsletter, you’ll need to provide your name and email address.

5. You will be asked to give your consent to our use of cookies when you first visit our website. This request aligns with the general usage of Internet cookies.

Privacy Policy Rules Applicable to the Use of Personal Data You Share with VikMajra

  • The information you supply when placing an online order is used to manage your order’s shipment and send you confirmation emails. We may also contact you to seek any clarification regarding your purchase or related.
  • When you submit a support question, we use the information you supply to respond to it in the best manner possible.
  • When you subscribe to our newsletter, we consult the permission you submit and then send email messages to inform you about changes to our website, new product releases, promotional offers and exclusive discounts on products and services. We will provide you with an option to unsubscribe from receiving future emails with every email.
  • We may request your information for a survey or contest.

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