How to Increase Organic Traffic on Your Website

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How to Increase Organic Traffic on Your Website

Every webmaster wants to increase traffic on their website. And for increasing traffic on a website, there are plenty of different methods such as Guest blogging, blog commenting, social media websites paid traffic. But, the majority of these traffic-generating mediums don’t give loyal customers for a business website. A real and targeted customer comes via search engines, i.e., Google, Bing, etc.

If you are also a webmaster/blogger/online marketer or any other one who have a website and want to increase organic traffic on their website, then I highly recommend them to read this article. Here, I will share with you some of the less-known tips and tricks through which you can easily increase organic traffic on your website.

Increase Organic Traffic Using These Proven Tips

There are many things you need to do, and one of the most important of all of them is the search engine optimization of the website.


SEO makes your website easily accessible for both users and search engines. Search engine optimization or SEO, in short, is all about optimizing websites as per search engine guidelines. It includes both on-page SEO as well as Off-page SEO. Try to make sure that all your webpage is properly indexable by search and you are using validate, keyword, broken link checking on your website on a regular interval of time.

If you are new in the SEO industry, they must read this guide and know all the important parameters which are required for a well-optimized website. Once you optimize your site, it will help you in getting free search engine traffic.

2.Webpage content-write content that ranks in Google

If you want to rank for a keyword in Google or any other search engine, then make sure you are written an in-depth article along with maintaining proper keyword density. If possible, try to include relevant images, infographics, videos to give Google a reason to give your webpage ranking on 1st page of Google.

3.Do quality backlinks building

In today’s Panda and Penguin world, you can’t rely on content only. Apart from writing a detailed blog post, you also need to build quality backlinks for your website at regular interval of time. Backlinks building includes both no-follow as well as do-follow links.

While building links, make sure you are building an equal number of inbound, outbound, reciprocal backlinks. I have used guest blogging and blog commenting on the relevant blog posts, to build backlinks for my website and it works very well for my website.

4.Maintain a regular blog posting frequency

I have seen many bloggers who call himself a pro-blogger but don’t maintain a regular blog posting frequency. Though, maintaining a well-established blog is quite difficult in today’s world due to fierce competition. But, to get a good search engine ranking, you will also need to maintain a regular blog post sequence. Maintain a blog posting frequency is helpful for both search engines as well as for website users. It is because search engine loves fresh and updates content and give them better search ranking in SERP as compared to those blog post who are written several years ago.

5.Make your website visitors revisit on your site

Getting the previously visited users on your website is quite a difficult task, but not impossible. Many bloggers keep complaining that they lost their previous visited users and found it difficult to revisit them. In order to make your previously visited users to visit again on your site, make sure you are using social media, email campaigns, forum posting, Quora, etc. channel.

6.Promote your blog/website on the social media channels

Today, social media promotion is the best and quickest way to get traffic on your website. It is also helpful in promoting your product/services and building a brand for your website. Today, Google is taking social media as a sign of trust and reliability.

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