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Introduction to Affiliate Marketing agencies

Getting high traffic and sales is a difficult task for any business. However, a digital marketing strategy like affiliate marketing helps businesses to increase their revenue in less time. But affiliate marketing is not an easy task. Getting the right publishers is a difficult task and many marketers even try for years and fail to achieve the same. This happens because of the lack of proper strategies that a business should adopt for doing affiliate marketing. 

But there are affiliate marketing agencies that can help the marketers to improve these affiliate strategies and earn a passive income. In this article, VikMajra have mentioned the best affiliate marketing agencies that can help businesses to improve their affiliate marketing game and to achieve consistent results.

What is Affiliate Marketing? 

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing and advertising model in which a third-party publisher advertises the products of a company on its website to generate traffic and leads for the other company. In compensation to which, the client business provides a specified commission amount to these third-party publishers. These third-party publishers are known as affiliates and a commission fee is offered to them for promoting the businesses. Generally, in affiliate marketing, the compensation is done as per each sale rather than based on clicks or impressions. 

Top 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Agencies that can Grow Your business [2022 Updated List]

Affiliate marketing agencies have extensive knowledge of the strategies for gaining better publisher data and better traffic to your business. But it is important to choose the right and best affiliate marketing agency for a business to avoid waste of time and effort. To save your time, here is the list of top affiliate marketing agencies that are experts at their services.

1)Affiliate Manager

AffiliateManager is an affiliate management agency having experience of 15 years in providing such services. The services by this agency include affiliate management, custom tool development, white label services, consulting, and affiliate recruitment. When it comes to affiliate management services, a custom strategy is provided to the client businesses after knowing about their present situation. Their expert team guides the businesses in every phase of the affiliate program, be it before, during, or after the launch phase. AffiliateManager provides reliable support to businesses and its team uses efficient tools for building the right affiliation strategy. 

2) Optimus PM

Optimus PM is a UK-based affiliate marketing agency that has a decade of experience in managing affiliate programs for various industry businesses. This agency has a team of qualified experts who had already worked with top businesses. Optimus PM provides its affiliate marketing services to all sizes of businesses. The strategies offered for affiliate marketing are formulated after consulting with the client business and learning about their current position. 

3) Monsterclaw LLC

Monsterclaw LLC is a digital marketing agency specialized in various services including affiliate marketing, SEO, and content services. When it comes to affiliate marketing services, this agency helps businesses to set up and manage affiliate campaigns. It includes the affiliate software setup, affiliate recruitment, affiliate payroll & brand management. This agency has experience of 10 years in providing these services.

Monsterclaw LLC has a team of experts which includes affiliate campaign strategists, affiliate outreach experts, affiliate managers, support executives, and more. The expert team of this agency first analyzes the position of the business and formulates marketing plans which will cover pricing strategy, commission strategy, affiliate software, and everything related to affiliate marketing.

4) OAK Digital

OAK Digital is a performance marketing agency that provides various services to businesses. These services include affiliate marketing, paid search marketing, Facebook marketing, and SEO. When it comes to affiliate marketing, this agency can help a client business in launching a new program or revamp an existing one.

They have a team of experts who have years of experience in carrying out affiliate marketing strategies. The affiliate marketing services by OAK Digital include affiliate program audit, program growth, program management, and analysis & improvement. The affiliate marketing strategy for the client businesses is formulated after making the audit of their program.

They also research the competitors’ affiliate programs and then an effective strategy is formulated. Each business will receive weekly reporting and they can also communicate with the publishers for better understanding and reliability. 

5) Hamster Garage

Hamster garage is a partnership management agency that provides affiliate marketing to various industry businesses. The focus of this agency is to drive incremental growth to the client businesses with the help of partnerships. When it comes to the team of this agency, Hamster garage has a team of experts who are ex-strategy consultants and industry veterans. This team formulates strategy as per the need of the client business and helps them to grow effectively.

Hamster Garage brings an analytical background before formulating any strategy and they operate at the margins for maximizing each dollar. New opportunities are brainstormed and navigation support is provided to each business to get the right partners. 

6) PartnerCentric

PartnerCentric is a women-owned (WBE) affiliate marketing agency that specializes in offering affiliate marketing services. PartnerCentric agency helps businesses to launch their affiliate marketing programs faster. A custom strategy is offered to each business after analyzing the current position. PartnerCentric has a patented technology named Fuse which allows the client businesses to track the affiliate network and commissions.

7) BrandBurp

BrandBurp is a digital marketing agency that has a team of professionals providing various services to businesses. The services of this agency include content marketing, paid marketing, video marketing, affiliate marketing, display advertising, Influencer & social media marketing, email marketing, and YouTube marketing.

When it comes to affiliate marketing services, BrandBurp offers affiliate marketing solutions that help businesses to boost their ROI (return on investment). The team members of the BrandBurp use advanced techniques to monitor the affiliate services of the client businesses. Even experts help businesses to find the affiliates that are redirecting to competitors. BrandBurp uses advanced tools and techniques to track whether the business is complying with the legislation or not. With the help of such reporting, each business can get the exact information about its strategies. 

8) Daisycon

Daisycon is an affiliate marketing agency that was founded in 2000 and now they are promoting hundreds of advertisers. Daisycon provides services including affiliate marketing, lead generation, and app installs. Daisycon offers promotions services in a large & international publisher network. Their publisher networks include content sites, blogs, mobile, online, socials, comparison, marketplaces, and more sites.

They have a team of experts who aims to provide quality services to each client’s business. The team of Daisycon also provides advice to the business related to the most effective payment structure for the affiliate program. The software by Daisycon will record all the transactions and help the businesses with the optimization of the affiliate program. This allows the businesses to pay for only genuine and high-quality visitors. 

9) Blue Cherry Group

Blue Cherry Group is a marketing agency that has experience of 11 years in providing various services including Affiliate marketing, search marketing, and Amazon optimization. When it comes to affiliate marketing services, this agency helps businesses to recruit new publishers that can fit the brand identity of the business. This agency also provides the services of creative content whereby the copywriters develop the creative content for the businesses as per their needs. 

Blue Cherry group also manages the product catalog where they organize and manage the product data feed of the business so that the publishers can promote the right products. A personalized and detailed reporting is offered to each client’s business. This agency helps businesses to make a good affiliate program so that they can acquire higher customers. 

10) Gen3 Marketing LLC

Gen3 Marketing is a digital marketing agency that was founded in 2007. Initially, this agency was a proper affiliate marketing agency. However, with time they expand their services, and currently, their services include SEO, Search Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing. 

When it comes to affiliate marketing, this agency is best in providing its service to various industry businesses. They have a wider network for each channel with the help of which their client businesses can increase their visibility and industry authority. 

Gen3 marketing agency provides a custom strategy to each client business which is formulated as per their unique brand and needs. This agency has a team of experts who have years of experience in providing affiliate services to various clients. 

Final Words

Affiliate Marketing is not an easy-to-do marketing strategy. This strategy requires extensive knowledge and years of experience to generate leads for other businesses. The businesses who are lacking in this strategy should hire an agency that is expert at their services and provides the best results in less time. But it is better to invest the time and efforts in an agency that has years of experience and expertise in this field.

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