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Top 15 IoT (Internet of Things) Development Companies

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Best 15 Internet of Things (IoT) Development Companies

Summary:- Looking out for Top Internet of Things (IoT) Development Companies in the World? If Yes, then check this VikMajra compiled list of the best Internet of Things (IoT) Application Development Service Providers and implement your business idea in reality. Today, big size corporations are heavily investing in IoT technology due to a large number of benefits it provides to the end business. However, in order to build a world-class, powerful, secure & high-quality IoT software solution, you need to hire top IoT developers in the industry. VikMajra team has done an in-depth review & research of leading IoT firms after checking their reviews, past portfolio of previously developed IoT apps, costing, location, experience, certifications, and a few other metrics. So, don’t search anywhere and finalize the right IoT app development partners from the below-mentioned companies for your next dream IoT project.

List of Top 15 Best Internet of Things (IoT) Development Companies

These are the best 15 Internet of Things (IoT) application Development Companies in the USA, India, UK, UAE.

#1)Digiteum IoT (Internet of Things) Development Company

#2)Pixel Crayons IoT (Internet of Things) Development Company

#3)Peerbits IoT (Internet of Things) Developer

#4)Leewayhertz IoT Development Services Provider

#5)Contus IoT (Internet of Things) Development Company

#6)Space-o-Technologies IoT Development Firm

#7)Finoit IoT (Internet of Things) Development Company

#8)Cumulations IoT (Internet of Things) Development Agency

#9)OpenxCell IoT (Internet of Things) Development Company

#10)MindInventory IoT Development Services

#11)Systematix Infotech Internet of Things Development Firm

#12)Sumatosoft IoT (Internet of Things) Development Company

#13)Tristate Technology IoT Development Agency

#14)Cuelogic IoT (Internet of Things) Development Company

#15)AppInventiv IoT (Internet of Things) Development Company

AppInventiv is a top Internet of Things (IoT) development company in the USA, Japan, India, UAE, etc. countries since 2014. As a leading IOT development provider firm, AppInventiv reduce the organization operation costs by delivering top-notch Internet of Things based devices & applications. AppInventiv had a team of experienced IoT coders who are always ready to build the next generations IoT based solutions on demand.

AppInventiv highly experienced team of Internet-of-Things programmer have developed some of the most popular IoT enabled software application in the world using the latest technology stack. Hiring AppInventiv as your ultimate IOT development company has a lot of benefits in terms of cost, features, final dates, and other things.

List of Internet of Things (IoT) Development Services Provided by Top Company

1)IoT Development Consultancy

2)IoT Application Development

3)Backend & API Development

4)Application Development for IoT Devices

5)IoT Gateway Development

6)IoT Implementation & Support

Tools and Technologies Stack Used by the Internet of Things (IoT) Development Company

Below is the complete list of tools & technologies stack used by the best company for Internet of Things (IoT) application development.

1)Cloud platforms

AWS, Windows Azure, IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean

2)Supported protocols



Wireless, NFC, 4G LTE, Ethernet, GSM Network, Bluetooth

4)Web services

RESTful, OAuth Authorization, SOAP services, Thing API

5)Operating systems

Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux

6)Driving forces for IoT

Miniature Boards, Cloud Synс, Sensors, Power Connectivity

Major Reasons to Choose a top-rated company for the Internet of Things (IoT) App Development Project

1)Satisfied Past Customers

2)Long Term Partnership

3)Experienced Team of Internet of Things (IoT) Developers

4)100% Transparency

5)Competitive Price for Client IoT Projects

6)Flexible IoT Development Models

Final Words About the Internet of Things (IoT) Development Companies

Hiring the best company for the internet-of-things (IoT) application development project has a lot of advantages. Choose a reliable IOT development services company that full-fills your business needs, in the industry for the last 3-7 years and has a positive reputation for previously completed IoT projects.

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