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Top 10 Android App Development Companies

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Best 10 Android App Development Services Provider

Summary:- Looking for the Best Android App Development Company in the World for getting high quality, scalable, secure applications for the Android Operating system? If your answer is “YES”, then you are landing on the right webpage of Top Android App Developer with reviews. Ideally, when a client searches for the “Android App Development Company” keyword in Google or any other search engine, thousands of companies come in the search results. Each of these companies claims itself as the best provider of Android app development services.

However, only a few of them provide top-notch, reliable, and business-oriented results according to the client’s Android app project requirements at an affordable price. So, here at VikMajra, we have find out a complete list of Top Android App Development Companies after checking their past client testimonials, reviews, rating, expertise, technology stack, location, price, team size, experience & certification of the coder, and other key metrics. You can go through the below list and hire a top Android app developer to implement your app idea into reality.

List of Top 10 Best Android App Development Companies

Please check the below-written list of top 5 Android app development services companies and gets your mobile app project to be completed on time & in a cost-effective manner.

#1)Kellton Tech Android App Development Company

Kellton Tech is the leading Android-based mobile app development services provider company in the USA, UK, India, etc. This web, mobile, and software development company is one of the most popular name in the entire industry for delivering top-notch, robust, and scalable web and mobile-based applications. Kellton Tech has made a unique name in the industry by completing the client’s projects on time and within a cost-effective manner using the help of its experienced programmer. 

Kellton Tech is an award-winning and fast-growing Android App Development Company having offices in the USA, UK, India, UAE, China, Japan, Canada, and Germany, etc. countries. Kellton Tech had a team of 719+ highly experienced and certified Android Mobile App Developers who have prior experiences in the development of Android applications for different industries.

Our Android app developer has 10+ years of experience in providing secure, reliable, and high-quality mobile applications within pre-defined time & budget. They provide advanced and highly innovative Android applications that full-fills our client business requirements.

The Android app developed by Kellton Tech certified mobile app coder is being listed at the top in the Google Play Store and various other mobile app stores. With a proven past track record of delivering enterprise-level Android applications for our fortune 500 clients, Kellton Tech is the #1 Best Android App Development Company in the world.

Kellton Tech also provides custom and on-demand Android operating system mobile applications to make sure that our client business will stand out from the rest of the competitors. Kellton Tech Android app coder utilizes the latest technology stack of Java, C++, Android Studio, HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript to provide world-class mobile applications.

Kellton Tech Facts, Figures and Stats

1.1)The global app development service provider has its offices located in the USA, India, U.K., UAE,  Singapore, and many other countries.

1.2)More than 40,000+ mobile applications submitted in the Major App Stores including Google Play Store and other popular apps stores.

1.3)More than 8000+ customized software applications delivered to date.

1.4)Kellton Tech has partnered with more than 5000+ entrepreneurs across the globe that includes medium and large scale business.

1.5)The core team of 800+ employees with strong expertise in the technical domain of mobile app development.

1.6)They use the latest tools, technologies, techniques, methodologies, and other necessary planning to provide robust solutions that generate revenue for its clients.

1.7)Kellton Tech is a  CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001: 2008 certified company.

1.8)Kellton Tech had an experienced team of SCRUM developers & industry-specific SME.

#2)Appinventiv Android Development Company

Appinventiv android app development company is based out of India and delivering results-oriented business solutions for its clients from all around the globe.

Appinventiv Logo

Since 2014, Appinventiv has delivered more than 700+ Android platform-specific mobile applications using the help of its in-house team of 200+ coders. This Android development agency has its offices in the USA, India, and provides android app development services.

#3)OpenXcell Android App Development Services Provider

OpenXcell is the 3rd company in this list of the world’s most popular Android mobile app development companies. OpenXcell provides clients a wide range of Android development solutions using the help of their talented Android app coders.

OpenXcell Logo

OpenXcell is in the mobile application development industry for the last 6+ years and has developed hundreds of award-winning Android apps.

#4)Fueled for Android Mobile App Development Projects

Fueled Android Application Development Company is a team of experienced designers, developer, testers, and business problem solver who first understand your app idea and then provides a feature-full Android app within the next few months. In the last 7+ years, Fueled had successfully developed some of the award-winning mobile applications for the Google Android platform using the latest mobile tech stack.

Fueled Logo

Fueled utilizes the latest and emerging technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to provides an error-free Android app to the clients. You can also hire a Fueled Android app developer for saving your project cost.

#5)Konstant Infosolution for Android-based Mobile App Development

KonstantInfo Android app development services provider is another well-known name among startup, medium-sized, and large scale business enterprises from the USA, India, UK, UAE, etc. Konstant Infosolution is one of the top Android mobile app development company that provides you a bug-free Android app using the latest app development tools.

Konstant Infosolution Logo

KonstantInfo solution provides client Android app development services for smartphones, Android TV, and tablet devices.

#6)AlgoWorks Android App Development Company

Algoworks Android app development company is a 13+ years old IT services provider firm having its offices in all the major tech cities across the world. Algoworks provides clients a wide range of Android development solutions for education, retail, finance, healthcare, and various other industries as listed below. You can hire an Algoworks Android app developer and gives your business a new dimension.

#7)MobiDev Android Mobile App Development Services Firm

MobiDev company for Android app development provides a wide range of services. Some of the major ones include:- Android OS, Wear OS, Android Things, Voice Assistant Applications, etc. MobiDev has more than 8 years of experience in the industry and successfully completed thousands of mobile apps projects for the Android platform with 100% security. You can choose MobiDev Android development services either on a full-time basis or an hourly basis.

#8)Solulab Android Application Development Company

Solulab is a world-class and innovative Android app development services providers in the USA, Canada, UK, etc. countries that are in the industry for the last 10 years. SoluLab team consists of experienced Android app coders, quality assurance, designers, and project managers whose average experience is more than 5+ years along with certification. Also, the average Android app project by Solulab is much less when compared with its competitors. 

#9)Hidden Brains InfoTech Android Development Agency

Hidden Brains InfoTech is a leading and fast-growing Android application development company in India, Australia, Japan, the U.S.A. that helps both startups and pre-established businesses in the design, development, and successful deployment of Android apps according to the business needs. The experienced and certified team of Hidden Brains developers utilize the latest technology stack and solve the most complex business problems via an Android app in a quick period of time. In the last 5+ years, Hidden Brains had completed 2565+ Android app

#10)NMG Android App Development Services Provider

NMG Android app development company is the last services provider that helps the clients in the complete development of secure, scalable, and top quality Android app solutions. NMG company for Android mobile development is in the industry since the last 10 years and successfully delivered more than 12873+ Android apps for different industries across the globe. NMG had a team of designers, developers, tester, project managers, and architects who have a decade of experience in the overall development of world-class Android mobile applications.

Why Develop Android Apps for Your Business?

Today having a separate Android app for any scale organization become necessary to improve the existing business in this fast-growing competitive world. Some of the key reasons that explain the importance of Android apps are:-

  • Android is the most popular mobile platform in today world
  • Android is an open-source operating system for mobile phone
  • Low Investment in the Development of Android app and high ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Backed by Google and many other fortunes 500 companies
  • Android has the highest number of users in the whole world
  • Having an Android app means multiple sales channel that further improve the client business significantly
  • Market share of Android is 85%, which is highest in the world
  • Android apps are easy to use and highly secure
  • Approval of the Android app is much easier in Google play store
  • Android apps are easily integrated with 3rd party platforms

Technology Stack Used by Android App Development Company

Top companies mentioned above deliver world-class Android App Development solutions using the latest tools, technologies, and other necessary Android API. A full list of Android app development technology stack used by these best Android app developers are: –

1)Frameworks and Components for Android-App-Development

Android SDK

Google Cast SDK

Play Games SDK

Titanium Android ANT SDK

2)Internet of Things (IoT)



3)Android App-Development Libraries Used

Surface Manager

Media Framework


OpenGL SQLite WebKit


Sherlock Action Bar


4)Android Development Application Programming Interface (API) 

Android Pay API

Remote Display API Game Manager API

Final Conclusive Words About Android App Development Companies

Today having an Android mobile application becomes a must for any sized business enterprises to caters to the needs of fast-growing Android users. So, to help them you need to choose the services from any of the above listed top 10 best Android mobile app development companies. All these app development services providers are in the industry for the past 2 decades and have successfully completed millions of Android app-based projects till now. So, go ahead and finalize the best company for your Android app project/work.

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