Top 10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Lviv

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Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Lviv

Summary:- Are you searching for top mobile application development companies in Lviv for creating powerful & secure android and iPhone app? If the response is a big “YES”, then simply move ahead and finalize any one of these best 10 mobile app development services provider in Lviv and implement your app idea into reality. Today due to the advancement in technology, more and more companies come in the market for completing the client business application development requirements. Also, when you do a quick search for the “Mobile App Development Company Lviv” keyword in Google or any other search engine, millions of results will come up in the SERP.

Out of these millions of options, selecting the top Lviv based mobile application developer is one of the most difficult processes for any entrepreneurs in Lviv. So, to helps you figure out the right mobile app development firm, we have listed down only award-winning and most popular companies on the basis of major parameters. These include portfolio, tech stack, past clients experience, social media profile analysis, certification, reviews, ratings, and other factors.

List of Top 10 Best Mobile App Development Companies and Developers in Lviv

VikMajra team has analyzed top mobile app developers and development companies based out in Lviv to find out only the best providers of mobile app design, development, and marketing services. Choose any one of these app development firms and get custom Android, iPhone and other sorts of mobile applications from Lviv.

Company NameWebsiteLocationHourly RateEmployeesFoundedSlogan
Skelia, Ukraine$25-$49250-9992008We extend your enterprise
JetRuby Agency, Ukraine$25-$4950-2492010MVP DEVELOPMENT, iOS & ANDROID, IoT, HEALTHCARE
Leobit, Ukraine$25-$4950-2492014Accelerate through software
Binariks, Ukraine$25-$4950-2492014Web and Mobile Development Company
INOXOFT, Ukraine$25-$4950-2492014Responsible. Responsive. On Time.
Sombra, Ukraine$25-$4950-2492013Software engineering teams that fit your culture
Lemberg Solutions, Ukraine$25-$4950-2492007IoT, Mobile & Web development
KeenEthics, Ukraine$25-$4910-492015Code for business, care for the world.
Empeek Development Center, Ukraine$25-$4950-2492015Details Do Matter!
Rocket Harborhttps://rocketharbor.comLviv, Ukraine$25-$4910-492016Software Development
KindGeek, Ukraine$25-$4950-2492013Software Development Company
Newsoft, Ukraine$25-$492-92018Mobile app development. Creating value.
Devabithttp://www.devabit.comLviv, Ukraine$25-$4950-2492014Web, Mobile, UI/UX, QA & BPO services
Perpetiohttp://perpet.ioLviv, Ukraine$25-$4910-492014Mobile, Web, IoT, UX\UI, QA, Outstaffing
LinkUp Studio, Ukraine$25-$4910-492013Product-oriented software company
Handydev, Ukraine$25-$492-9Mobile development Android iOS React Native
Vakoms, Ukraine$25-$4950-2492010One-Stop Software Company for Startups & SMEs
Roliquehttp://www.rolique.ioLviv, Ukraine$25-$4950-2492014Engineering Your Breakthrough
Lvivity, Ukraine$25-$4950-2492013We don’t follow. We influence!
NerdzLab, Ukraine$25-$4910-492017For ideas never seen before
Blackthorn Vision LLC, Ukraine$25-$4950-2492009Custom Software Development Company
Axles, Ukraine$25-$492-92018
PerfSolhttps://perfsol-software.comLviv, Ukraine$25-$492-92018Full cycle Web and mobile development
Temy, Ukraine$25-$4950-2492014Think now. Act today!
ArtfulBits, Ukraine$25-$4910-492005Mobile and Web Development. Apps for IoT.
DevRecordshttp://www.devrecords.comLviv, Ukraine$25-$4910-492015Your best friend in the digital era
Deviarkhttp://www.deviark.comLviv, Ukraine$25-$4910-492019Top Experts in Mobile & Web Development Services
Teonica, Ukraine$25-$4910-492018Teonica - Javascript Software Product Development
ElifTech, Ukraine$25-$4950-2492015Business-savvy programmers ready to work for you
Devima Solutions, Ukraine$25-$4910-492018Implement Your ideas into real life!
FreezePro Softwarehttp://freezeprosoftware.comLviv, Ukraine$25-$4910-492006Nearshore Software Development Company
JetSoftPro, Ukraine$25-$4950-2492014Agility. Performance. Scale.
Redentuhttps://redentu.comLviv, Ukraine$25-$4910-492014Full Cycle Product Development and Consulting
Deerada, Ukraine$18-$2710-492015Custom web&mobile development, marketing services
CodeLions, Ukraine$25-$4910-492018When you GROW we keep you FOCUSED | Dedicated team
Embrox Solutions, LLC, Ukraine$25-$4910-492015New Product and Custom Software Development, IOT
Stepico Gameshttp://www.stepico.comLviv, Ukraine$25-$4910-492014Leading Game Development & Art Production Studio
KeyToTech, Ukraine$18-$2710-492017Agile outsource software development
Siligin Softwarehttp://siligin.comLviv, Ukraine$25-$4910-492015Game Development Company
VindiTek, Ukraine$25-$4910-492017Extend your engineering capacity today
Tinsa Soft, Ukraine$25-$492-92018Web, Mobile, IoT, SaaS, PaaS
Indeema Software, Ukraine$25-$4910-492014Full cycle IoT development
CyberCraft Inc., Ukraine$25-$4950-2492012Reliable Dedicated Software Development Teams
Simplify, Ukraine$25-$4910-492016Web development | Mobile apps
Benamixhttps://benamix.comLviv, Ukraine$25-$4910-492011Web & Mobile Development, Design
Softonix, Ukraine$25-$4910-492015Your trusted development partners
Frigentis, Ukraine$25-$492-92013Experts in Mobile & Web development
Proffiz, Ukraine$25-$4950-2492017Professionals in Technology&Software Engineering
Synergy Way, Ukraine$25-$4910-492014Web and Software Development Service Provider.
Astwellsofthttp://astwellsoft.comLviv, Ukraine$18-$2750-2492007Your enthusiastic partner in IT development
Lionwood.software, Ukraine$25-$4910-492017Dedicated Development Teams
ArtBrains Software - Out of Businesshttp://www.artbrains-software.comLviv, Ukraine$25-$4910-492013Xamarin, ASP.NET, C#, .NET, Java
Nineva Studios, Ukraine$25-$492-92018AR/VR/Unity/Unreal Engine 4 development services
Jappware, Ukraine$25-$4910-492017Innovate Software Development and Dedicated Teams
Altigeehttps://altigee.comLviv, Ukraine$50-$9910-49Software Development Company
Impressithttps://impressit.ioLviv, Ukraine$25-$4910-492018Digital solutions for Mobility and PropTech
MakeIT, Ukraine$25-$4910-492014Making things better!
OneRoomTeam, Ukraine$25-$492-92019One Room Team
Relevant Software, Ukraine$25-$4950-2492013Web&Mobile Development | IT Consulting | Staffing
CodePillowhttps://codepillow.ioLviv, Ukraine$25-$492-92017We turn bright ideas into great products
Team Rainmakers, Ukraine$25-$4910-492015Almost by magic
Teamvoyhttp://teamvoy.comLviv, Ukraine$25-$4910-492013We turn ideas into a product
INC SOFThttps://inc-soft.comLviv, Ukraine$25-$4910-492019Quality, responsibility, professionalism. Reach us
Brainencehttp://brainence.comLviv, Ukraine$25-$4910-492015Web and Mobile Development from scratch
bART Solutions, Ukraine$25-$4910-492015The art of software development
Movadexhttps://www.movadex.comLviv, Ukraine$25-$4910-492017Technologies with beauty and power
Semicolon Labhttps://semicolonlab.comLviv, Ukraine$25-$4910-492017Create; Automate; Leverage;
wwwest solutions, Ukraine$25-$4910-492017frontend, backend, mvp

How to Choose the Best Company in Lviv for Mobile App Development Services?

Are you looking for the best mobile app development services provider firm in Lviv to increase the business sales volume, then there comes a number of points which you need to follow. Below we have compiled all the most important suggestions & tips which an app entrepreneur in Lviv needs to know before hiring a top app developer for the mobile platform.

1)Find out the company establishment year in Lviv.

2)Check the total number of employees and the strength of Lviv-mobile app developers.

3)Find out the hourly rate of mobile app programmers.

4)Ask the amount of time period they will take to complete your mobile application according to the given app project requirements.

5)Ask the total cost of the entire mobile app development project from the start to finish of the Lviv app developer.

6)Check the Lviv based mobile app development company portfolios of previously completed projects and apps.

7)Check the app development agency of Lviv social media profiles to know more about them before final selection.

8)Check and read the reviews of the mobile app development company in Lviv on major IT Services Review Websites.

9)Check the experience and certifications of coders before hiring the best mobile app development company in Lviv.

10)Find out the customer support of the firm once the development of your mobile app gets complete.

11)Check all the tools, technologies, API, programming language, framework and other tech stack used by the top mobile app development company from Lviv.

12)Find out the mobile app security and deployment before selecting any firm for your work.

13)Check the mobile app development firm past client’s industries they have worked with.

14)Ask whether they also provide mobile app store optimization (ASO) services or not before finalizing the right mobile-app developer of Lviv. 

15)Ask the app development agency in Lviv to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure-Agreement) so that they will not share your app idea with other 3rd party people/companies.

16)Do a final meeting with someone senior in the Lviv mobile application development company, i.e. CEO, MD, Project Manager, Business Manager, App Delivery Head, etc.

List of Different Types of Mobile App Development Services Provided by Top Companies in Lviv

Here at VikMajra, we have written down a complete list of mobile app development services provided by top companies in Lviv for their business growth. You can choose any one of these app development services from the below options.

1)Mobile app designing services in Lviv

2)iOS app-development-services in Lviv

3)Android app development services  in Lviv

4)iPhone app development services in-Lviv

5)iPad application-development services-in-Lviv

6)Wearable application-development services Lviv

7)Custom-mobile app-development services in Lviv

8)Hybrid application development services in-Lviv

9)Cross-Platform mobile app development services in-Lviv

10)Apple Watch  application development services in Lviv

Tools and Technologies Used by Top Mobile Application Developer in Lviv

A complete set of tools, programming language, framework and other related technology stack used by the top mobile app developer in Lviv are written below.

Swift Core Data AFNetworking
Apple Watch Objective-C HealthKit
CallKit iMessage Apps CocoaPods
In-App Purchases Cocoa Touch Sirikit
3D Touch Apple TV Xcode 8
Touch ID iBeacon React Native
Java Android Nougat JavaScript

Final Conclusion

At last, these are the free list of top 10 best mobile app development companies in Lviv that provides clients custom iOS, Android, iPhone, hybrid, cross-platform and certain other types of app development services. All these Lviv based mobile app development firm has a good past track record in the successful design & development of some of the most popular mobile applications in the world. You can choose any one of these mobile app development services providers from Lviv according to your project budget and features.

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