Top 13 Best Free Mac Backup Software

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Overview of Mac Backup in Details

Are you searching for the best Backup software for Mac to back all the files and folders for avoiding all the data loss problems on Mac Machine? If Yes, then simply read the below VikMajra article to know a full list of the top 13 best Free Mac Backup Software Solution and backup an unlimited number of files. Some of these are completely FREE software and you don’t need to spend any money on using them. So, go ahead and choose the right Backup software for Mac from the below options according to your purchasing power and requirements.

List of Top 10 Best Mac Backup Software Solutions

You need to finalize the right Mac Backup option from the below list for data backup purposes on Mac Machines.

#1)Stellar Drive Clone

Stellar Mac Backup Software clones the complete hard drive and creates a drive image file. This cloned Image file can further helpful for data restoration purposes whenever occur any kind of data loss problems on macOS.

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  • Mac HD Cloning creates an exact copy of logical volumes as well as of hard drive
  • Also, clones an encrypted/password protected macOS hard drive
  • Provides Support for all the version including the latest macOS High Sierra
  • Drive Imaging- Create an image of Mac-Hard drive
  • Restore option- provide users option to restore the volume from a specific folder

2)Time Machine



5)Acronis True Image 2021

6)Get Backup Pro from BelightSoft




10)Carbon Copy Cloner

11)Carbonite Safe


13)EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac

Mac Backup Software || Useful Features

The Mac Cloning Software backups the full Mac HD, network drive, recovery hard drive. It can also create a disk image file, and even helpful in creating the Bootable clone of Mac OS.

1)Easily Cloned a Mac Volume

This macOS Backup Software gives users an option to clone the entire volume or a particular drive to some other HD or on a network-based drive. In all other types of problems like an operating system error, hard disk drive damage; this cloned Mac hard drive prove useful and it restores the data immediately. Free Download this Top-Rated Mac Hard Drive Cloning Tool to resolve all kinds of macOS data loss problems.

2)Clone a Solid State Drive (SSD) on Mac HD

Today; SSD has become the new way of storing critical data on some secondary storage devices, as they are much faster & secure when compared with traditional magnetic drives. But, one can’t ignore the possibility of data loss on solid-state drives. So, to helps users, the Hard-Drive Cloning software for macOS also supports the cloning of SSD drive. This feature comes handy whenever there occurs some data loss situation.

3)Give User Option of Creating the HD Image

The Mac cloning app also gives users the option to create an image file of Mac volume. When cloning gets completed, all the content of HD will be stored as a backup medium. This backup software comes handy when some data loss problems occur so that data will remain accessible and ready to use.

4)Backup Important Files & Folders in a Single Partition

Using the help of this Mac Hard Drive Backup Software, a user can easily backup some specific files on a Mac partition. Also, it helps the users to schedule the data backup process at regular intervals of time, i.e. on a weekly/monthly/daily basis to rescue macOS data.

5)Provide User Option to Restore Data from an Image File or some Specific Folder

Using the help of the “Restore” feature provided by this Mac Backup Tool, all the information will be restored to the original stage from the cloned hard-drive. Also, the Mac data restoration process will become much faster when doing it from the manual method.

6)Give User an Easy to Use Option for Resizing-Mac Volume on the Destination Drive

After the completion of the data transfer process from the source drive to the target drive, if the target drive has some extra space left; then it became useless, and no other form of data can be saved there. In such cases, the Clone Mac Drive Tool lets users to resize the destination drive.

7)Support ExFAT File Format System

Along with providing support for HFS, FAT, HFS+ file system, this application for Mac hard drives data backup also provides supports for ExFAT based file-system. Using the help of this feature, a user can clone the NTFS formatted drive files with an ExFAT format drive on MacOS.

8)Compatible with MBR Partition Map Scheme

After using this Hard Drive Mac Backup Application, the Macintosh user gets additional benefits of cloning a Mac-based volume which is formatted with MBR partition map scheme technique. Note: -MBR is an inbuilt hard drive partitioning scheme that is being used in the Windows-based OS.

How to Backup Hard Drive Data using Best Mac Backup Software?

1)First purchase and install the Mac Backup Software on Macintosh computer system/machine.

2)Now, open the user interface of this Mac Backup Program and click on any options from the left pane to start the cloning process. To clone a hard drive, click on the “Clone” option from the left pane and move on-to the next step.

3)The Mac Backup/Cloning utility will let a user provide different cloning options, i.e. “Disk Clone”, “Volume Clone”.
From Disk Clone Option, choose the “Clone without resizing” and then choose ‘Source’, and ‘Destination’ drive to begin the data backup process.

4)The Mac Cloning tool also provides “Volume Clone” options. To clone a particular volume from the hard drive, choose the source & destination drive. Finally, click on the ‘Continue’ button to start the hard disk cloning process.

5)For creating a complete image of the Mac hard drive, select the “Imaging” option from the left pane, and choose the (source+ destination) drive for further saving the DMG file.

6)To Restore the data from a specific folder or volume on Mac, choose any one of these options as shown in the below screenshot and click “Continue” to move further.

7)The “Tool” option provided by this Mac Backup Program helps a user to create the bootable DVD of Macintosh hard drive.

8)Using the help of the “Backup” option provided by this Mac cloning application a user can take the regular backup of hard disk, i.e. “Backup Now”, “Schedule Backup”.

Mac Backup Software Specifications

Supported Versions:
Operating System: macOS High Sierra 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 & 10.6
Supported File Systems: HFS, HFS+, NTFS, APFS

System Requirements:
Processor: Intel

RAM: 1 GB Minimum
Hard disk: 50 MB of Free Space

Software Interface Language:

Language Supported:- English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
License Types:
Single User License: Can use only on a single system

Software License Delivery:

Frequently Asked Questions about Mac Backup Software

1)How much time does this Mac Backup software will take to complete the backup process?

The total amount of time taken will depend on a few major factors. These are:- Source & destination drive Data transfer speed, Data size, Data transfer method used, Internal Mac Processor’s speed and other related architecture, Performance of the user computer hardware interface and components.

2)Can macOS backup software clone the NTFS partition and BootCamp partition?

Yes, after using this Mac backup utility you can easily take a complete backup of the Windows BootCamp partition without any data loss problems.

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